Yinhe T-11 + carbon blade

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Yinhe T-11+ carbon table tennis blade
Yinhe  Galaxy Milky Way T-11 + Balsa/Limba Carbon Blade T-11+ light weight T1

New version of the popular T-11. Light offensive blade with good control. Each side has two thin outer layers of wood and one layer of carbon. The center is balsa about 5mm thick. YINHE T-11s 3 Ply Pure Wood +2 Ply Carbon 
New Design The Soul of Juniper T Series
YINHE Galaxy T11 + Carbon - Professional Classic Style Racket
GALAXY T-11+ Limba Balsa OFF Table Tennis Blade

GALAXY T-11+ 5 PLY 3 WOOD + 2 PLY carbon 
Middle layer thick Balsa, Upper layers are Limba, Underneath them carbon.
Milkyway blades are suitable for every player. They combine European and Asian style with modern blade-manufacturing techniques. Galaxy use high quality wood only. Their blades have strong spin and powerful attack and ensure better control.

Type: OFFENSIVE style
Speed: 10
Control: 10
Wood layers: 5 (balsa wood) + 2 (carbon)
Thickness: 7mm , 3 +/- 0.2mm T11
Weight: 70g ±3g(FL
Type: Fast Attack OFF +
Country of Manufacture: China

Product Name
Yinhe N11s BALSA 5 layer wood 2 carbon table tennis blade
Yinhe T11s
5 pure wood + 2 carbon
the lightest of Yinhe
professional training

Yinhe Galaxy Milky Way ping pong T11+ T-11+ T/11s Rodney Yinhe produce all kinds of table tennis equipment