Y&T v989E-2 table tennis robot e2

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Y&T v989E-2 table tennis robot e 2

1 year warranty
Touch screen control (like 989H, added long/short balls, random combo, 30 pre-set drills and voice prompt)
free 100 new plastic 40+ balls, come with back-catch net and ball pickup net
serving machine rodders1959
Top brand table tennis robot, latest new model 989E2,
(big upgrade from 989E)
- 100% Pre-assembled Robot in box
- Colour Touchscreen LCD panel
- Durable Steel Construction, sits off the table
- 9 different spins: Ball spin(top spin, under spin, left side, right side, top left side, under left side, top right side, under right side, no spin)
- Serve frequency: 25-95Balls/min, totally 18 gears/Ball quantity adjustment
- Serve speed: 4-50m/sec, Each wheel can be adjusted in 18 gears
- Serve curve: Range of manually adjustable angle from 0-40 degree.
- Landing spot: Programmable Long/Short 1-11(total 22) landing spot
- Various serve sequence: 9 sets of Custom sequences
Spec / Description
Y&T 989E2 (check the picture for detail spec)
weight: 22kg/14kg (49/31 lb)
packaging dimension: 110 x 57 x 42 cm (44" x 23"x17")
install dimension: 107 x 52 x 37 cm ( 42" x 20.5" x 14.5)

Y&T v989E-2 table tennis serving robot y and t e2 

automatic ball shooter

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