Y&T XIAORU NIU NO.2 Table Tennis Robot

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Y&T XIAORU NIU NO.2 Table Tennis Robot

小儒牛发球机安装及APP使用教程 (qq.com) little cow

You need your phone or laptop and download the app to control the robot

comes with a 100 balls , a catch net and butts up to the table, just more compact

Model Xiaoru Niu NO.2 Little Cow 2 
Features Foldable, Portable and Powerful
Total Weight 12.95KG
Net Weight 10.25KG
Package Measurement 84*46.5*38cm
Machine body measurement 38*42.5*110cm
9 different spins Ball spin
(Top spin, Under spin, No spin, Left side spin, Right side spin, Left top spin, Left down spin, Right top spin, Right down spin)
Serve frequency 25-90 Balls/min, totally 18 gears/Ball quantity adjustment
Serve speed 4-50m/sec
Each wheel can be adjusted in 18 gears
Serve arc Range of adjustable angle from 0 to 40 degree
Landing spot Programmable Long/Short 1-11(total 22) landing spots
Various serve sequence 12 sets of Custom sequences, self-programmed landing spot, spin, speed, arc, repeat times, frequency
Exam mode: 9 sets, self-programmed landing spot, spin, speed, arc, repeat times, frequency, total ball counts
30 sets of Build-in sequences(Low, Medium, High)
Sequences in order: Run 1-30 sets of Build-in sequences
Sequences in custom order: Up to 6 sets of build-in sequences can be selected to recombine, repeat in cycle
Sequences in random: Select 6 sets of Build-in sequences randomly, repeat in cycle
Total ball counts/Timer 1-999 balls, 1-180 minutes
Voice prompt Each function has voice prompt
Personalization 9 kinds of spin strength, landing spots can be fine-tuned, personalized frequency and spin
Initialization One key reset function
Other LCD touch screen
ios/Android APP Bluetooth connection/Wired control box
Workout logs, news, leaderboards…(APP only)