About Us

Ki Ora my name is Rodney Bygrave and my partner is Julia Zhu

I started playing table tennis at the Manurewa Table Tennis club in 1976 just before I had finished high school and apart from a few breaks like we all do, I have been going strong for 50+ years, I currently play at Waitemata, North Harbour and Auckland.

We decided to have a proper table tennis shop to sell a big range of equipment for two reasons:

1. I'm nuts on table tennis
2. I want more people to take up this great sport.

I believe I have been successful in getting many past players back into Table tennis and also getting many social and garage players to start playing at clubs. I have found more than 10 secret table tennis clubs not affiliated around Auckland and have met many new friends of all Nationalities. So If you want to come in and talk about table tennis or need advice on what gear to use to suit your style then you are most welcome.

If your rubbers are old and tired you can post your bat to me and I'll replace your rubbers at any price you can afford and post it back sometimes only two day turnaround.

If you need me to come a visit your club or organisation to give free coaching I may be available if the time suits, so don't be afraid to ask. I also carry many other products not listed and can source many types of blades and rubbers so just ask me for a price!

Did anyone know the Maori word for table tennis is Tepu Tepu but sometimes said as tēpu tēnehi?



I (currently) work for NZ Blue Light, the youth charity officially associated with the NZ Police. I am a mentor on their Life Skills Courses. These are 5 day camps, facilitated by the NZ Defense Force throughout New Zealand, for 14-17 year old's. The idea is to help NZ youth develop maturity through Adventure Based Learning. You can guess this involves a lot of coaching at times. I do not know anything about table tennis that you did not teach me during our times together over the past few weeks that you have been helping my 12 year old son improve. But I do know a little bit about coaching young people and I would rate you as one of the best.

Too many people in this world (involved with youth) want to coat everything in way too much sugar (for fear of offending a young person I suppose). I find this to be a practice which really does not help anybody, least of all the young person. They need honest and constructive guidance. They need to be told when they are doing it right and when they aren't so they can fix things. They also do not need to be yelled at when they get it wrong. Of course, you already know all of this. The way you work is quiet, honest, fair, demands respect (without even asking for it), and really helps the young person to grow at an extremely fast rate.

As I say, I know little about table tennis (other than what you have told me). And I know even less about your career in it. But I can tell, just by watching you work with my son, that you really do know what you are doing. We will be back for more coaching.