Yinhe S40+ seamless 3 star table tennis balls 40+ ball

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Yinhe S40+ Premium 3 Star table tennis Poly Balls

YINHE polyball seamless (S40+ 3star) 6 ball pack
ITTF Official approval product Seamless 1 box = 6pcs
This item is for a total of 6 new 4th generation Yinhe red 3-star super quality S40+ poly balls in white color. These balls are ITTF approved for international competitions. If you like the 3rd generation seamless Yinhe blue 3-star 40+ balls, you will like these red 3-star S40+ balls more. The red 3-star S40+ balls are more consistent, better roundness and better heat resistant, lasting about 10% more than the blue 3-star balls.
40+ poly 3 star ITTF approved competition 6 pack
ball table tennis 3 star 6 pack 40+ galaxy milky way competition ITTF S 40+

Yinhe Galaxy Milky Way yinhe product number # 9993-s#

2.67gm-2.77grm weight competition Rodney S40+

Table Tennis Balls Yinhe Galaxy Milky Way Rodney  Racket Ping Pong Bat Yinhe produce all kinds of table tennis equipment balls product number 9993-s 40+ 40 plus official