Yinhe heavy duty Net Set 1801

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Yinhe Ping Pong support Net 1801 

Yinhe heavy duty Net Set 1801 YINHE with  professional mesh net for table tennis

YINHE (Milkyway) 1801 is a professional mesh for table tennis. It is made standard for professional nets in the way - powerful metal brackets, into which a high-quality mesh with adjustable tension of the upper cable is inserted. This is the two main differences between professional nets from all the others - the full fixing of the brackets (which makes it possible even to align the different heights of the halves of the table by raising the lower half to a higher level - sometimes this happens with tables) and the adjustable tension of the upper cable, The ball, caught in the net, does not roll over to the other side, as it happens with grids without the top cable.

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