Yinhe Ball holder for multiball Use

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Yinhe multiball trolly feeder 9998

A simple multiball basket on wheels that can be easily maneuvered around the table. Whether you are a coach giving multiball drills or a player trying to practice serving this will assist you greatly. great for home or clubs, ball box
table tennis multi-ball storage device with a removable multi-ball basket

making collecting balls for training easy for players and coaches friend
Galaxy table tennis multi-ball bowl organizer movable multi-ball training set. Or can be used as a Towel box or  Basket Stand Multi Ball Holder 

1. 73-79 cm tall the top tray is 38 x 30 and 10 cm deep
2. Height Adjustable Movable Stand great wheels easy to use ping pong buddy
3. Do not worry about picking up the ball for bending down
5. Yinhe strong plastic basin was easy to install and moved around
6. Ping-pong multi-ball basin ball basin lightweight removable basket
7. large capacity multi-ball trainer can hold up to 200 balls, easy storage
8. training Basin removable and easy to fill up and transport balls

Yinhe Galaxy Milky Way Rodney 
Yinhe produce all kinds of table tennis equipment, Table Tennis Table Accessories product code 9998 MULTIBALL BASKET