Yinhe 3 ball holder

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Yinhe 3 ball holder soft (for 3 table tennis balls)

1 x Original Yinhe expensive table tennis colorful ball rubber case box holder three balls ease to carry light
comes in different colours , price for 1 3 ball holder only
• 100% new Original Brand
• Colours; Orange, Green and Blue  (sorry no light blue in stock)
• Material: Silicone
• Size: 8.5 x 8.5 x 8.55cm
• Tennis balls are not included in the case.
• Simple Design. Fully protect the table tennis ball.
• It is easy to carry

Yinhe Galaxy Milky Way 3 balls 3ball

Galaxy Yinhe table tennis box beautiful rubber ball box (can hold 3 table tennis) product No 9997 key ring

Yinhe produce all kinds of table tennis equipment,