Xiom Vega China VM rubber

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Xiom Vega China VM rubber

VEGA China
Representative of XIOM's basic tacky-rubber
Pimple IN, Black Sponge
China's unique adhesion and batting power are applied with XIOM's manufacturing technology, creating the first generation of XIOM Chi- nese tacky rubber that has no unpleasant smell and is nature-friendly.

SPIN 7.9     SPEED 8.2     PRECISION 7.9
COLOR   Red / Black

ITTF Official APPROVAL number 79-024

Manufacturer XIOM
Type OFF
Pimples Pimple in
Hardness Hard


ONE AND ONLY, ANOTHER STANDARD. The black carbo sponge has a different energy mechanism with others. Simply speaking, the rubber production is similar to a baking with kneading flour. Not only because of natural materials, but also a sensitivity of the work that a small difference in a baking process with high temperature, is a deciding factor on a quality. The carbo sponge containing carbon particle has a new balance with a top sheet, because of its different energy efficiency, and that difference provides a stability on dynamics. It is the same reason why XIOM uses carbon to the core rubber products. Excellence is the sum of details.