Xiom Zeta Offensive blade

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Xiom Zeta Offensive Table Tennis Blade

Xiom Zeta Offensive is a fast responsive 7 ply table tennis blade designed for modern game of table tennis.
Expertly crafted by mixing hardwood and softwood plies to create a table tennis blade. It comes with precise control and outstanding attack capabilities.
The blade is carefully designed using a fast drying process to create a lighter wood weight. The handle of the Zeta Offensive blade is one of the most comfortable handle in the Xiom line of blades
This 7 ply blade has two outer and one center hard wood plies combined with two thin soft wood veneer wood sheets to enhance ball feel and rebound.
A modern day blade for the offensive player.

Style ...Off
ply 7
Speed: 79
Control: 75
Weight: 89
Available in Flared

The roots of Xiom go back to 1976 where it was founded under the name Champion Limited Corporation. The company originally focused on making table tennis tables for the Korean market. In 2007 the new brand “Xiom” was launched Blades (Bat without rubber) FL SH Rodney XIOM champion Korea