Tibhar Felix Lebrun All Blade

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The FELIX LEBRUN ALL table tennis blade is a true jewel of versatility, ideal for players who want to combine sharp attacks with unrivalled control. Featuring a carefully balanced design, this model seamlessly adapts to a multitude of play styles, providing a rewarding gaming experience.

Tibhar Felix Lebrun All Blade

Whatever your favourite coverings, FELIX LEBRUN ALL wood can be adapted to your needs with disconcerting ease. Its exceptional versatility allows you to express the full range of your game, whether you prefer an offensive or defensive style. Snappy attacks are at your fingertips, while exceptional control gives you the precision to dictate the pace of rallies.

The choice of wood is crucial for the development of your playing style, and the FELIX LEBRUN ALL is designed to accompany you brilliantly. If you're looking for versatility that doesn't compromise on power, this model is the perfect option.

The FELIX LEBRUN ALL offers the perfect combination of power and control, without sacrificing ease of play. If you're looking for a versatile, more powerful wood that remains perfectly manageable, look no further. Choose the FELIX LEBRUN ALL for an exceptional gaming experience that evolves with your style, and take your game to new heights. Trust this wood, and discover a new dimension of performance.

A perfectly tuned combination of 7 veneer layers makes Félix Lebrun ALL an allround blade with exceptional dynamics and excellent control values. Its soft touch with good ball feedback and its light weight make the Félix Lebrun ALL blade the right choice for allrounders looking for a blade with a good balance between speed and control.
Number of Layers : 7
approximate weight (g) : 85
Blade Type : ALL