Y&T V-989E table tennis Robot

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Y&T V989E table tennis Robot

Total Weight: 23KG Net Weight: 15KG
Package Dimensions: 107.5x55.5x51cm
100 free 1 star 40+ balls
Includes back Net catchment
1 year warranty

Ball Spin: 9 different spins
Serve frequency: 25-95 ball/min
Serve speed: 4-50 m/sec
Serve loop: Range of adjustable angle from 0 to 40 degree
Serve style: Programmable mode for 11 position on whole table
this was a well-built, sturdy piece of kit. It was easy to set up. ready to go.
Key Features:

Twin wheel design so the spin can be set to anything between max topspin and max backspin. Thus it's possible to set up float/no-spin balls.
Multi-ball setting. The nice thing is that the number of balls on each spot can be controlled. Example; you can set 2 to deep BH, 1 to middle and one to wide FH. Thus this machine can simulate multi-ball very well.
The random setting of long and short balls is a good addition to a multi-ball sequence, but even more useful when practicing serves. In addition to the landing spot feature, the user won't be sure whether the ball serve is long or short.
Because it is mounted on wheels it can be moved around to simulate serving from the BH side or FH side.
Also nice was the ability to select the number of balls, up to 999, in a sequence. Set the number of balls; say 250, and the robot stops when this number is reached.
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