Tibhar Evolution MX-D rubber

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Tibhar Evolution MX-D rubber

This is an upgraded version of the hard-to-improve-on Evolution rubbers. The idea was to find the optimal balance between the power of the Evolution P rubbers with the spin of the Evolution S rubbers. The core difference is the brand-new ‘’RED ENERGY SPONGE’’, which, combined with the MX-P-like topsheet, results in increased dwell time, meaning softer touch and more comfortable feeling, and at the same time a very strong catapult effect, especially during offensive topspin rallies. Despite the hard sponge, you get soft feeling, which opens up many possibilities for skilled players.

Sponge Hardness : ~JPN 38.5 – 40.0° / ~EUR 50.3 – 52.3°

✓ Maximum Spin- & Speed Dynamics
✓ Constant Dynamics Development
✓ Power from the table & from half-distance
✓ Counter-loops
✓ Ball Adhesion & unexpected high control

ITTF Approval Code 74-042