Tibhar SZOCS Signature 1 blade

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Tibhar SZOCS Signature 1 blade 

This 7-ply full blade is the ideal weapon for an aggressive and powerful game at the table. Speed and balance characterize this blade at the half distance. The combination of hard inner veneers and more delicate outer veneers make up the qualities to which the Romanian National Top player, Bernadette Szöcs, adheres.

 Tibhar ‘Bernadette Szöcs Signature 1’

As its name expresses ‘Bernadette Szöcs Signature 1’ is the blade which is used by Bernadette Szöcs.

  • Brand: Tibhar
  • Class: OFF-
  • Speed: 83
  • Control: 74
  • Blade Weight: 85
  • Plies: 7w
  • Blade Thickness: 6.6
  • Blade Handles: Flared
  • Material: All Wood
‘Bernadette Szöcs Signature 1’ is based on that of ‘Samsonov Force Pro Black Edition’. Except for the colors of dyed layers, the constructions of two blades look very similar. But, those two constructions are a bit different. The overall thickness of ‘Samsonov Force Pro Black Edition’ is about 6.7mm while that of ‘Bernadette Szöcs Signature 1’ is 6.4~6.5mm. ‘Bernadette Szöcs Signature 1’ is thinner than ‘Samsonov Force Pro Black Edition’. The thickness of thin ‘Samsonov Force Pro Black Edition’ is about 6.5mm.