Stiga Offensive Classic blade

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The STIGA Offensive Classic blade

The Offensive Classic was first released in 1976 and has since then well over a million have been sold. The classic STIGA look and unique feel makes this the perfect blade for building your career.
is an attacking, lightweight blade. Offensive Classic is built to suit fast and technical attacking play. This is one of the all-time best selling blades world-wide.
Offensive 5-ply blade
One of the most best-selling offensive blades of all time.
Suitable for experienced players as well as beginners.
The perfect blade for building your career.
More Information
Elasticity Power
Material Wood
Style All+
Veneer 5
Control 78
Speed 73
The classic Swedish table tennis company with both hobby and professional products. In 1944, STIGA started its production of table tennis products and is today established as one of the world's largest brands of table tennis. STIGA