Stiga Cybershape Allround Classic Blade

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Stiga Cybershape Allround Classic Blade

A true STIGA classic, with the Cybershape design!
Sweet spot higher up on the blade to provide more powerful shots without sacrificing control.
Allround 5-ply blade with light weight, great feel and control – and now featuring the unique Cybershape design.
Reliable blade with the unmistakable STIGA feel and a larger, optimal hitting surface.
Suitable for both beginners and more experienced players.
Exclusive lens in stainless steel.
·         Allround Classic Cybershape – a modern classic!

When the Allround Classic blade first came on the scene back in 1967, it quickly became a favorite. This Allround classic, with 5 layers of exclusive wood and the legendary STIGA feel, is now available in a new version with the unique Cybershape design.

With the Allround Classic Cybershape, you’ll have not only a reliable blade and great playing feel and control; you also get the popular Cybershape design with a larger, optimal hitting surface and a centre of gravity that’s higher on the blade. The higher sweet spot means that you can achieve more stable impact and more powerful shots without sacrificing control – offering advantages that can’t be found in a traditional bat.

The Allround Classic Cybershape is ideal for both beginners in table-tennis and more experienced players. 5ply