Sauer & Tröger Hass short pimples

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Sauer & Tröger Hass short pimples

After extensive research S&T have launched Hass, an extremely powerful short pimple with inbuilt speed glue effect. Even with short strokes your shot develops explosive power and rotation.

1. Pimples structure: The individual pimples heads of the Hass are slightly further apart  If you stroke over the pimples heads, you will notice that the buttons feel pleasantly soft. This allows you to tighten topspins on undercuts or balls with low rotation with little effort. 2. Width of the pimples heads: The top rubber consists of cylindrical pimples, which have the same diameter from the pimples neck to the pimples head. . This means that the speed of the stroke is immediately transferred to the ball. You can even play catapult-shaped topspins with small movements and put a lot of pressure on your opponent. Description: Why does your opponent look so dissatisfied? Such a face, just because you have already poured him an unreachable ball with the Hass? The short pimples have a built-in speed glue effect with maximum rotation. You can take the balls early after the bounce and put pressure on your opponent. The great strength is the pressure push or counterspin over the table. Thanks to the perfect energy transfer even with short movements, the rubber develops an enormous rotational force. This allows you to react to slow and standing balls with placed and powerful shots. The Hass also makes a good impression in defensive play. Due to the slightly longer pimples, the ball can penetrate deeper into the surface and can be blocked or shoved with great feeling The more control you wish for

Sebastian’s tip:

The short pimple Hass is ideal for the offensive player with short pimples who prefers active strokes and does not want to give up excellent control at a good basic speed. Even very active strokes can be played with a very low error rate. Conclusion: The Hass is especially ideal for the point-oriented pimples players. The optimal mixture between highest speed and good control is more than fulfilled. Dominate your opponent now!

  • Speed: 96
  • Control: 92
  • Effect/Disturbing effect: 83
  • Game system: ALL +/OFF
  • Sponge hardness: Medium

Ittf Approval Code 130-004

Sauer & Tröger Hass short pimples

‎#1 table tennis brand for pimple players. Sauer & Tröger has been offering rubbers, woods and courses especially for table tennis pimple players since 2013. The founder Sebastian Sauer is one of the best table tennis players in the world with pimples at the table