Sauer & Troger Edge Tape 8mm/5m

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Sauer & Troger Edge Orange Tape 8mm/5m (1 roll)

    Quick Overview

    The Sauer &Troger edge tape is perfect to additionally fix the rubbers and blade at the edge of the bat. By means of the permanently self-adhesive character of the tape, you can use it several times. An edge tape also increases the lifetime of your rubbers and blade.

    The edge tape from Sauer &Troger has. the protection from impacts is present due to an increased robustness of the material.

    • Elegantly designed side tape to protect the edges of your racket!
    • Very strong and tough  Sauer &Troger edge tape
    • The ideal edge protection for your bat,
    • long-lasting adhesive tape.
    • durably self-adhesive
    • S&T 8 mm edge tape