Palio Cat lite weight carbon blade

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Palio Cat light weight carbon blade

Palio CAT 3 wood+2carbon table tennis blade

Experienced coach from China said : "Because of the super light carbon blade, this amazing blade allows player to position their paddle at ready position at all time". It allows player to move faster on the playing field. If your arms or your wrist suffered from injuries or chronic pain, this maybe the perfect blade for you due to reduced weight without sacrificing speed and control.

  • Handle : shake-hand (long handle)-FL 
  • Ply: 3 wood+ 2 carbon
  • Thickness: about 6.0mm
  • Weight: about 69 grams
  • Speed: 8
  • Control: 9


1 x Table Tennis blade around 67 grams+-

Light weight carbon blade can obviously improve the pendulum, improve the sudden movements. lightweight

It is the best choice for light blade

 Original Palio CAT table tennis blade 3wood+2carbon table tennis blade, best light blade table tennis racket racquet sports