Xiom Jekyll & Hyde Z 52.5 rubber

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Xiom Jekyll & Hyde Z 52.5 rubber

Chinese-style hybrid rubber

National team players use special products to improve rubber performance while reducing performance deviations. We have developed a technology to produce special products in large quantities for general elite athletes and advanced amateur athletes. This is the reason for the development of the “Z” rubber.

A high performance, high-end rubber for elite players.

Available only in Max thickness.
SPIN 8.9     SPEED 9.3     PRECISION 9.6
COLOR   Red / Black
MADE IN   Germany
ITTF number 79-074

A new development platform by DEEP LEARNING. CYCLOID is an innovative methodology that can develop rubber in a DEEP LEARNING way. With this methodology, we can develop rubber products that are much more likely to succeed in offense and defense. Not only did the trajectory of the ball increase so much that the probability of getting caught in the net decreased, but it also changed the error of the ball going out of the end line to falling toward the end line. The actual speed increased with the new standard of spin/distance ratio, and the spin energy, which is the core of table tennis, was expanded energetically.

A new theory of friction suggested by snow tire technology. Friction is a condition necessary to use a strong spin when the ball and rubber come into contact with each other. In the existing rubber, the optimal spin was possible only by accurate and powerful pitches because the rubber and table tennis ball friction were created through a powerful swing. Rubber with dy- namic diction technology has a greater tolerance for these friction conditions and can use more aggressive spin with accumulated energy and power even in contact with unspecified hits.

Latest top-sheet & sponge technology optimized for speed of the ball. Experience the newly enhanced elasticity of a rubber.