Xiom Jekyll & Hyde V47.5 rubber

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Xiom JEKYLL & HYDE V47.5 table tennis rubber

high resilience power lurking in a super-special grade hook a spin monster that can easily fulfill the player's wish by hooking the
ball with the highest power to create a fierce rotation. the long contact time with the ball makes it possible to rotate reliably in any situation. what's more, when you want to increase your speed, you can do it freely. super spinning and a fastball that caught him off guard.
The feeling when hitting the ball is nimble, but the ball produced is powerful and destructive. Even players who have been struggling with a lack of decisiveness until now can shoot powerful winning shots that combine arc accuracy with overwhelming ball speed.
Especially for players who have the problem of only being able to loop drive against the ball in the lower rotation, it can be said to be a savior. The ball lifts up as easily as a lie, so you don't have to worry about net mistakes, you can hit a power drive with a confident swing forward.
Rubber colour: red-black-magenta sponge
thickness: 1.7 1.9 2.1
sponge hardness: 47.5 degrees country
of origin: Germany

ITTF Approval number 78-073