Yinhe Rubber Roller

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Yinhe rubber Roller 

GALAXY 7070 Rubber Roller (for Assemble The Table Tennis Racket)

During bat make up this rolling pin is used to ensure that the rubber sheet is glued flat down onto the blade, without any air bubbles.
Yinhe Rubber Roller blue or clear
Yinhe original table tennis accessories, simple design, cheap and useful!
Rubber roller used to Press the Rubber Evenly When You are Gluing Table Tennis Rubber to Table Tennis Blade. It Helps to Make Sure the Glue is Evenly Spread on the Surface of Rubber and Blade, So the Rubber will be Firmly Glued to the Blade. This is Necessary Tool for DIY Table Tennis bat.
Very strong hard rubber roller , great for getting rid of those air bubbles as your assemble your rubbers onto the blade. rubber presser

length about 18.5cm
Two colours:  blue

Yinhe produce all kinds of table tennis equipment number No 7070 table tennis Accessories