Donic Relevent 7 ply blade

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Donic Relevent 7 ply blade

Product information "DONIC Relevant" with Certran carbon

Offensive players and allround players that like to attack.
Very comfortable to play with, fast, controlled and with a good feel.
Technology: 7 plies made of ayous (core ply), limba (3+5), Certran (2+6) and limba (1+7)

DONIC RELEVANT – High tensile strength
A completely new blade from China, the land of World Champions. The excellent dynamics of the DONIC RELEVANT are due to the use of Certran, a synthetic fibre used to produce winch launching cables for seaplanes and fishing lines, amongst other things. This material is 15 times stronger than steel in terms of tensile strength. Despite this high level of strength, the finely balanced RELEVANT provides pleasant, non-disruptive vibrations and very good ball feedback. A moderately offensive blade at a moderate price.

Donic number 110290

control: 8
speed: 9
elasticity : stiff
weight: 85
layers: 7
Characteristics: OFF, OFF -