Donic Persson Power AR blade

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Donic Persson Power AR

flared handle.

Product information "DONIC Persson Powerallround"

For allround players that like to attack.
Excellent control, great feel, dynamic.
Technology: 5 veneers made of abachi (core veneer), red abachi (2+4) and limba (1+5, outer veneer).

The blade of the Swedish World Champion, which is one of the first power allround blades ever,  (narrower handle, smaller blade face). One thing that all models have as a special feature is the red abachi veneer layer.

control: 7+
speed: 7+
elasticity : speed elastic
weight: 85
layers: 5
Characteristics: AR, AR +, OFF -
This blade is made for All round players. It's very fast and lively, keep in mind whenever the speed is increased, one will lose some of the control which can be offset by choosing a slower or softer rubber sheet. Made in Sweden.