DONIC Dotec True Carbon Inner

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DONIC Dotec True Carbon Inner Blade

Product information "DONIC Dotec True Carbon Inner"

The DOTEC TRUE CARBON INNER is the merging of two stories of success. This new blade has the same well-proven veneer construction as the DONIC classic TRUE CARBON INNER and in this new version it is offered with the DOTEC series cork handle.
This means, the handle is curved, entirely manufactured from one piece and coated with natural cork. There is a separate version for right-handers and left-handers. In addition, all DOTEC blades are manufactured without disturbing edges.
The popularity of the DOTEC series can be seen by the numbers: The DOTEC TRUE CARBON INNER is the eleventh blade offered with this special type of handle.
Due to the fact that the Carbon fibres cover the inner veneer, this blade guarantees a softer, more sensitive touch. The Hybrid Aramid Carbon provides the necessary power just when it is needed and in combination with the DOTEC handle it provides a particularly pleasant feeling.

Technology: 7-plies made of Kiri (inner), Hybrid Aramid Carbon (3+5), Ayous (2+6), Koto (1+7 outer)
Character: Fast, medium-hard, controlled, sensitive.
Recommendation: For offensive players who want to attack without giving up control.
Right-hander, left-hander

Right-hander, left-hander

Elasticity: nearly stiff

Weight: 85 – 90g

Layers: 7 plies (5+2)

Control 8 +

Speed 9 +

Classification: AR+/OFF-

Art. no.: 110 293