DONIC BlueGrip S2 rubber

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DONIC BlueGrip S2 rubber

Product information

Both for controlled attacking players, all-rounders as well as for
defenders who rely on rotational and varied
play Extremely grippy and very good to control, enables precise attacks with sufficient dynamic Technology: Dynamic, medium-soft and medium-pored sponge, sticky upper rubber, blue sponge

DONIC BlueGrip S2 -
Fusion of the classics The best of both worlds in one surface: A sticky upper rubber in the Chinese style, combined with a dynamic and catapult-strong sponge.

Now DONIC is taking this development even further and expanding the BLUEGRIP series with a new, softer version.

Two successful models combined in one surface: The BlueGrip S2 is a fusion of the top seller DONIC ACUDA S2 with attributes of Chinese rubbers. The soft, soulful sponge of the ACUDA S2 has been combined with a sticky surface characteristic of Chinese rubbers. The result is a hybrid that offers advantages in the serve-setback game due to its sticky surface, and can also be easily controlled thanks to the proven sponge.

Sponge: max
Art-No.: 000 272

Blue Grip

ITTF Approval Code 21-060

Control: 7
Speed: 9+
Spin: 11
Hardness: Medium
Surface: Sticky elast.
Characteristic: AR +, OFF, OFF -
DONIC technology: FD3 Technology