Donic Bio clean: Rubber Cleaner 125ml

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DONIC Bio Clean Table Tennis Rubber Cleaner

Donic Bioclean: Rubber Cleaner with pump spray device
Available 125ml

Simply use the spray cleaner together with sponge wiping away from the bat handle towards top of the table tennis bat. Allow a short time for the cleaner to penetrate the rubbers. Clean table tennis bat rubbers can impart optimum spin on the table tennis ball.

VOC-free table tennis bat rubber cleaner in pump spray bottle. Cleans, conditions and restores the matt tacky surface of all table tennis bat rubbers.

Item: Bio Clean bat rubber cleaner
 Cleaner: Non-VOC anti-static
 Cleaner: Non-toxic | Non-flammable
 Bottle: Spray bottle 125ml

Bio Clean table tennis bat cleaner - soft for hands

    • apply cleaning liquid via pump spray
    • evenly distribute cleaning liquid using a cleaning sponge
    • wipe dry using the opposite side of a sponge