Donic 5m edge tape

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Donic Edge Tape 9mm/5m or 12mm

    Quick Overview

    The Donic edge tape is perfect to additionally fix the rubbers and blade at the edge of the bat. By means of the permanently self-adhesive character of the tape, you can use it several times. An edge tape also increases the lifetime of your rubbers and blade.

    The edge tape from Donic was manufactured with the design "red font on black background". The protection from impacts is present due to an increased robustness of the material.

    The edge tape from the house of Donic provides additional protection from small impacts at the edge of your table tennis racket. This edge tape is characterized as follows:
    • Elegantly designed side tape to protect the edges of your racket!
    • Very strong and tough Donic edge tape
    • The ideal edge protection for your bat,
    • long-lasting adhesive tape.
    • durably self-adhesive
    • very robust material

    Over the past 25 years, Donic has grown into one of the world’s leading table tennis brands. With the equipment produced by Donic, world and European championships have been won, as well as national and international titles. DONIC believes in quality, innovation and speed.