DHS PG9 blade

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DHS PG9 flared handle table tennis blade

7-ply wood blade with high elasticity and excellent holding.
A quick recovery from deformation and super high speed
make quick-attack plus loop driver freely.
Flexibility and speed is great , comfortable control of the ball
Fit for double side Loop / Attacks style
The DHS PG9 is the looper's weapon. It's softer than the PG7 and very fast. This means that looping at all distances from the table remain fast and feel great.
  • Type: OFF++
  • Fitted Play: Attack
  • Plys: 7
  • Weight: about 89g±5g
  • Thickness: about 6.3mm±0.2mm
  • Handle: Long(Shakehand)-FL   
  • For double side Loop / Attacks style

Blades (Bat without rubber) SH DHS Double Happiness Rodney Ping Pong Original DHS Power G3(PG9, L PG 9) pure wood new table tennis blade DHS blade for table tennis racket indoor sports racquet sports