DHS 6002 premade bat

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DHS 6002 premade table tennis bat

Comes with a wallet type case #6002 with 2 choices of handle colours

Special designed attractive racket with the blade from hard Koto wood and rubbers used by Chinese national team. Forehand rubber Hurricane III and Tin ARC for the backhand.

DHS Ping Pong Racket Table Tennis Paddle 6002 with Case Offensive 5-Ply Wood Shakehand

Product Features

  • X-4 Blade full of stronger power express
    speed and spin.
  • 7 Ply pure wood blade with light and tough wood body and imported wood face
  • Handle: Flared / Shakehand / Long Handle
  • Blade Ply: 7 Ply Selected for national team
  • Front Side Rubber: Black Hurricane 3 Pimples In
  • Reverse Side Rubber: Red Tin Arc Pimples in
  • Fitted Play: Loop with quick-attack
  • Recommended for professional players

A little heavy almost better to ask Rodney to custom make a blade and rubbers instead

DHS Table Tennis Rackets

Compared with the professional products, DHS premade rackets also have a full rank of choices. And all of the bats attached with DHS’s rubbers, you can fully enjoy DHS equipment by playing with the premade rackets.