DHS 40+ Bicolour Orange/White half and half training ball 10pack

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DHS 40+ Orange/White half and half training ball 10pack

The DHS half white and half orange color balls are designed in order to better judge the rotation of a ball, it is good for learning and understanding the spin on the ball, for use in coaching and training sessions. While the table tennis ball is under high speed-movement, its orange color causes good visual changes, which would increase the judgment on rotation.

DHS Ping Pong Balls are super durable. They are a very good choice for professional multi-balls training in table ball tennis schools or clubs. DHS Table Tennis Balls are made from 100% environmentally new material 

About this item

  • Brand: DHS
  • Color: Yellow & White
  • Size: 10 Balls/box bi colour
  • Feature: More Visible Rotation