Rtt premade bat with Double Fish 815 rubbers cover

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RTT premade bat with good spin and free cover

Rodney's Table Tennis bat

Suitable style: near-table short racket with loop drive or quick attack in combination with loop drive

these bats come in 2 different handle colours and some different bat cases,

also, weights may vary.


The classic of Double Fish! Power is at the forefront of this offensive rubber. A hard bottom layer is combined with a very grippy top layer. The 815 is particularly suitable for the crowded top spin game close to the table.

Speed: 98
Spin: 91
Control: 83
Hardness: Hard

As both the rubber surface and the sponge are flexible and highly resilient , and catapult it back with your own speed and spin . This process is very stable and produces extra control as well.
all on a superior wood blade, with free bat case
shake-hand flared handle.

Rodney's table Tennis shop, factory made, pre-assembled ready to go bat paddle racket.
2008 Superpower rubber with sponge Dawei Rodney David Pre Made bats.
Dawei Superpower 2008 Pips in Table Tennis Rubber Sheet

ITTF approval code 23-009