Butterfly Nakama S-4 Table Tennis Racket

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Butterfly Nakama S4 Table Tennis Racket | Carbon Fiber Power With Surprising Control | Nakama Series | Recommended For Advanced Level Ping Pong Play

The Butterfly Nakama S4 Table Tennis Racket is a hybrid of wood and carbon fiber layers. The wooden surface outer plies are followed by a thin layer of carbon fiber. The addition of the carbon fiber will make the blade lighter, stronger and stiffer. This provides a larger sweet spot than an all-wood blade and will therefore be more consistent. Wakaba is a well balanced mix of speed and spin which is ideal for an intermediate level racket. Not too fast, not too slow…just right.Wakaba offers good spin for a high control rubber.

  • Blade Construction: 5-Ply Wood + 2-Ply Carbon
  • Handle: Flared - Concave At The Center - The Most Popular Style
  • Rubber: Wakaba | Sponge Thickness (mm): 2.1
  • Rubber: Wakaba | Sponge Thickness (mm): 2.1
  • Comes with two 40+ (poly) balls
  • International Table Tennis Federation Approved
PLEASE NOTE: Like most recreational rackets, this racket is assembled with a glue that is intended to keep the rubber permanently attached to the wood for the life of the racket. If you prefer to have the ability to upgrade the rubber when it becomes worn