Butterfly Dignics 64 rubber

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Butterfly Dignics 64

DIGNICS guides your play to a more advanced level. The essence is the combination of Spring Sponge X, the advanced version of Spring Sponge which has more elasticity, with the uniquely composed top sheet, now with strengthened abrasion. This creates great resistance on the surface, providing the feeling of holding the ball at impact. Adopting pimples code No. 64 recognized for its high speed performance, DIGNICS 64 is recommended for the player who seeks to generate a high-level attacking play imparting powerful loop drives, as well as blocking and smashing. With a higher and longer trajectory than Tenergy 64, Dignics 64 has the lowest throw angle in the Dignics series and lands deeper in the opponent's court and kicks harder, resulting in your opponent having to play passively

Spring Sponge X combined with pimples of code no. 64 - which are also used in the popular TENERGY 64 - create a rubber with highly dynamic capabilities. DIGNICS 64 offers a softer touch and a flat trajectory during topspin resulting in high speed and more pressure for the opponent.

Adopting pimples code No. 64 featuring high speed performance, DIGNICS 64 is recommended for athletes seeking high-level aggressive play such as speed drive, smash, etc.

Surface: Inverted
Speed: 140
Spin: 110
Hardness: 40
Made in Japan

ITTF Approval Code 14-030