729 Cross FX rubber

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729 Cross FX table tennis rubber

This is a new packaging.
Friendship 729 RITC F X new packaging cross series 
Fast and hard, this Chinese classic, based on the RITC 729 rubber, gives you a classic feel while giving increased speed and spin.FRIENDSHIP " 729 FX" is one of the oldest Chinese rubber sheets. Super sticky rubber surface. Capable of generating strong spin. Excellent for consistent power players requiring more control. Orange sponge and better quality!
The features of 729FX is strong flexible, fast speed, powerful smash. With the sticky surface, the rubber can produce strong spin. Because of the above characteristics, no matter attacking or defending
729 is relatively soft, light and great for accurate ball placement, rally and transitional game in addition to the traditional tackiness. The sponge is the new energy storage CROSS sponge.

Fitted Play: Sticky, Light, Loop and Fast Attack
Speed: 10
Spin: 11
Control: 10
Sponge thickness: 2.2mm
Rubber colour: red or black

729 Friendship Table tennis rubber ritc Rodney official blue sponge R.I.T.C developed and produced by Tianjin Rubber Industry Research Institute of China Rodney Rubbers inverted table tennis 729 FX-C  series