729 Bloom Power rubber

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729 Bloom POWER table tennis rubber

Pips-in FRIENDSHIP RITC 729 Bloom Power

Overall, the feel is not significantly different than many other sticky rubbers from Friendship, but just with a little more spin + speed. Players who have previously played coverings such as the Friendship 729-08, the Battle II, or even coverings by Tuttle, such as the 2018 VIP, will be delighted with this rubber.
So this rubber  is particularly well suited for players who raise their offensive game rather close to the table with shorter arm movements - in this style of playing the strengths of the sticky surface are best revealed.
For players with a more European style of play, the Bloom Power, however, is especially suitable as a backhand pad for a punchy counter and block game with more frequent topspins. For forehand topspins from the half distance with longer arm movements, 

Speed: 11,5
Spin: 11,5
Control: 7,5
Hardness: 45/47
Thickness: 2.2mm
Approval Code 27-012

729 Friendship Table tennis rubber ritc Rodney Rackets bats blades paddles R.I.T.C developed and produced by Tianjin Rubber Industry Research Institute 

Tianjin 729 Sports Equipment Co., Ltd