729 1000 4 bats

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Friendship 729 4 bats for $120 saving $20
RITC729 Pips-In Table Tennis Racket 1000
free bat cases

This is a factory-made racket, ready to play.
The 2 rubber sheets had already been glued to the blade by the factory.
High viscosity and Lightweight to rubber, Friction coefficient big, for CROSS sponge rubber, the loop drive speed, and the strength obtain the large-scale promotion, It is ideal for table tennis players who apply loop drive with a fast attack.

Speed: 8
Spin: 7
Control: 9
Forward: 9
Fitted Play: Sticky, Light, Loop and Fast Attack 
Two side rubbers: one black and one red,
Sponge: 2.0

Friendship 729 RITC Rubbers inverted table tennis Rodney racket blades
729 Friendship Table tennis rubber ritc Rodney Rackets bats blades paddles R.I.T.C developed and produced by Tianjin Rubber Industry Research Institute Pre Made bats Blades (Bat without rubber) SH