Yinhe Sandpaper Table Tennis Ping Pong Paddle bat (sand Paper)

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Galaxy YINHE Sandpaper Table Tennis Ping Pong Paddle

EP-100 Emery Paper Racket
YINHE Sand paper Table Tennis Ping Pong Paddle bat
Yinhe / Galaxy EP-100 Ping pong bat Emery paper bat.
Sandpaper paddle for PING PONG liha
This price is for only ONE racket ! Blade two side: 100# Emery paper racket paddle bat

Similar bat to what is used at the World Championships of Ping Pong, incorporating the original format of table tennis using a sandpaper surface rather than the current rubber surface. Great for club competitions and a different variation of table tennis. 

  • Ply: 5
  • Thickness: about 6.6mm±0.2mm
  • Weight: about 100g±8g
  • Handle: Shakehand (long handle) - FL
  • Pre Made bats blue sandpaper on both sides
Yinhe produce all kinds of table tennis equipment, including balls, bat blades, bats Yinhe Galaxy Milky Way Table Tennis Table Accessories product number ep-150 ep-100 Rodney Pre Made bats ep100 Liha