YINHE J-1 BLADE shakehand flared handle

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YINHE J-1 BLADE shakehand flared handle 1 ply

This Blades is made from the Famous AYOUS WOOD, It is a single ply 10mm.

Yinhe or Galaxy as most people know them have been making quality blades for a long time. They are a well known Chinese company producing blades for Recreational & professional players for a long time. They offer some very Hi-tech blades, that other manufacturers charge double the price for. It is a well kept secret that Yinhe manufacturers (and Re-badge) some blades for Non-Chinese Companies as well.

This 1-ply Ayous Timber blade is quite unique in shake hand, and I haven't seen another manufacturer with a similar Blade. Like other single ply blade, the J-1 has a softish feel,
But has great touch for the short game. When you start hitting harder you'll feel the great power of this blade. Although
rated allround, Because of the thick 10mm ply, the handle feels
a little thicker than normal but still feels very comfortable.

Yinhe Blades are finished to the highest standards, has a comfortable handle it feels more like a blade double the price.
It is rated by the Manufacturer as an allround, although we believe its more an ALL+.
  • Speed: allround +
  • Control: 8
  • Ply: 1
  • Weight: 88g ± 
  • Thickness: 10mm ±
  • Material: ayous wood
  • Type: ALL
  • Made in China.

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