Yinhe Big Dipper rubber

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Yinhe Big Dipper table tennis rubber

Galaxy / Big Dipper table tennis rubber
With Build-in tensor effect from Yinhe`s MAX TENSE technology, Big Dipper takes the Chinese tacky rubber to new heights by fully exploiting GOD CROSSBOW sponge`s potential. This sponge is formulated with the new non-celluloid ball in mind. Big Dipper allows for aggressive forehand play while maintaining a high degree of stability, thereby enabling seamless transition between offense and defense.
Yinhe Big Dipper Factory Tuned Max Tense Tacky Pips in Table Tennis Rubber Sheet The sponge color of the black rubber is a cobalt blue color, the same color as the DHS blue sponge, and the red rubber sponge is a light-yellow sponge.

Sponge thickness: 2.2 mm
Spin 112
Speed 90
Control 87
Tacky Chinese

ITTF Approval Code 49-007

code 9035 #9035
Galaxy rubbers use the “Milkyway” brand name when submitting table tennis rubbers to the Yinhe product number 9035.
Genuine Yinhe Galaxy Big dipper table tennis rubber ping pong Rodney milky way Yinhe Galaxy Milky Way Rodney Rubbers inverted.