Yinhe 01B pre made with approved rubbers and bat case

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This ready made  table tennis racket has a good quality blade and is fitted with ITTF approved rubbers. It is sold complete with a half case. It is recommended for beginners and club players

  • Bat pre-assembled by the manufacturer.
  • Yinhe 5 ply wooden blade.
  • Yinhe  rubbers ITTF approved.
  • Yinhe half bat case.
  • The handle is shaped to provide comfortable control.
  • Weight: 195g approx.
  • A great quality bat at a competitive price.

The Yinhe blade used in this bat is good quality, the handle is designed to fit comfortably in the hand, for shake hand grip 

 The rubbers used in this Yinhe 01B bat with ITTF approved rubbers are good for quick attack and control. The rubber top sheet is slightly tacky. Note: wood is a natural material and so the product weight will vary.