Xiom Vega Intro rubber

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Xiom Vega Intro rubber


Xiom Vega Intro is a tensor rubber with control of the highest caliber. Despite the fact that it's a tensor with glue effect capable of fast shots, the primary focus is control. Accurate placement of loops while maintaining good speed and spin makes this a solid choice for ALL+ style players. A durable rubber built to last.


The success rate increased due to the effect of Big Window. When a drive attack is made with a constant force, the space on the net that the ball can pass safely into the opponent's court is called an "effective attack window." The ball that passed the top of the effective attack window will not go into the opponent's court and will go over the end line and out. Hyperelasto technology is also focusing on making this effective attack window even larger. Even if the ball passes through a higher position on the net, it goes safely into the opponent's court, so the success rate of the drive attack is very high and the miss is reduced, so the player can lead the rally boldly with faith.

  • HARDNESS   47.5
  • MADE IN   Germany
  • COLOR   Red / Black
  • APPROVAL   79-055