XIOM 19 Allround S All+ blade

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XIOM 19 Allround S All+ blade

 5 Ply weapon with superseding control European style neo-classic.
CLASSIC ALLROUND blade of European style construction. Lower and controlled speed rather provides the opportunity to manage the game against opponent. Slightly bigger & thinner face fits well to soft/max sponges in balance. Solid and clear feel connects the player to the right senses over the ball. Perfect for traditional allround player.

Classical speed control allround 5-ply. A bit slow blade preferred in Europe. Structure: limba surface 5-ply wood. Good for the beginner or young player. 

  • Ply: 5
  • Weight: 88g ±
  • Thickness: 5.4mm ±
  • Head dimension: 157 x 150mm ±
  • Strategy: control to mix
  • Technic: topspin
  • Distance from table: mid
  • Rebound level: ALL+
  • Center deflection: 0 (balance)
  • Hardness feel: flex
  • Sharpness feel: medium.
  • Material: wood

The roots of Xiom go back to 1976 where it was founded under the name Champion Limited Corporation. The company originally focused on making table tennis tables for the Korean market. In 2007 the new brand “Xiom” was launched Blades (Bat without rubber) FL SH Rodney XIOM champion Korea