Sauer Tröger Hellfire X Long pimple rubber

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Sauer & Tröger Hellfire X long pimple rubber

The Hellfire-X is a little bit faster than the original, very popular, Hellfire. It is softer and more flexible as well, with a more disturbing effect. Like the original, it has a balanced combination of speed, control, spin, and unpredictability for the opponent.

Innovation & Future:
After the “Hellfire” is one of the world’s leading long pimples rubbers, the Hellfire X is about to enter a new, space-filling dimension. The test phase with a total duration of more than 3 years has been incredibly long and intensive. However, from the very beginning there was only one goal for us: The best long pimple in the near future. The Hellfire X was developed together with highly qualified pimples players under the direction of Sebastian Sauer. This made it possible to create a long pimple of the highest quality especially according to the players’ wishes. The Hellfire X conveys a unique playing feeling, which is precisely matched to the plastic ball. The perfect balance of speed, control, disturbing effect and spin development is the heart of the long pimple. The ideal combination of the individual playing characteristics enables you to play table tennis on a new level. Discover now the supernatural powers of Hellfire X.

  • Speed: 42
  • Control: 95
  • Spin/Disturbing effect: 105
  • Sponge hardness: Medium
  • Game system: DEF+/ALL
  • ITTF Code Approval Code 130-009
  • Hell Fire X , HellfireX

‎#1 table tennis brand for pimple players. Sauer & Tröger has been offering rubbers, woods and courses especially for table tennis pimple players since 2013. The founder Sebastian Sauer is one of the best table tennis players in the world with pimples at the table