Rtt premade Hexagonal bat with cover

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RTT premade bat with good spin and free cover

Rodney's Table Tennis bat, Rtt premade hexagonal bat with cover

These are the best for spin, my favorite.
 (with ITTF approved rubbers)

the rubbers on both sides are mainly double fish tacky rubbers for outstanding control. Furthermore, it gives you a greater feeling for the ball. This Excellent feeling for the ball not only at the faster speed but also at the better control.
As both the rubber surface and the sponge are flexible and highly resilient and catapult it back with your own speed and spin. This process is very stable and produces extra control as well.

Speed: 9+++
Spin: 9++
Control: 9+
all on a superior wood blade, with free bat case
shake-hand flared handle many handle choices

see another listing for a pen hold version
Rodney's table Tennis shop factory made, pre-assembled ready to go bat paddle racket.
Rodney David Pre-Made bats. bat case
, Cybershape, cyber shape