Nittaku Moristo Sp rubber (short pimple)

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Nittaku Moristo Sp rubber (short pimple)


The fantastic rubber that pips-out players have been waiting for! Now the high-tension performance qualities of the smooth Moristo rubbers are available in short pips. Super-elasticity enables swift attack and amazing block. Used by Japanese young super star Mima Ito.
The rubber sheet of the Nittaku Moisture SP's rubber sheet and sponge is placed in the same tension state as when the JO flash glue was applied at all times by the latest special technology.
  • Nittaku Moristo SP Table Tennis Rubber (Pimple Out)
  • Molecular Reinforcement System Loaded
  • Tension pimples out rubber.
  • Tension technology creates powerful ball both in speed and spin even though this is pimples out rubber.
  • Mima Ito (Japan) is using this rubber.
  • Made in Germany

Speed: 12.5

Spin: 7.5

Hardness: 30°

Type : Pin-Out

Moristo Sp NR-8670