DONIC Waldner Youngstar Blade

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DONIC Waldner Youngster Blade

Product information "DONIC Waldner Youngstar"

For kids and young people that want to place their shots reliably and precisely.
Incredibly lightweight, extremely good control, with good speed reserves.
Technology: 5 veneers made of ayous (core veneer), koto (2+4) and limba (1+5, outer veneer).

Knowing where the ball is going to go when you hit it makes playing fun – and this blade provides the perfect basis for kids to enjoy the game. Incredibly easy play!

Kids and young people have smaller hands and less strength than adults. DONIC has two blades that are precisely tailored to the needs of this group. An extra-narrow, concave handle and a slightly smaller blade face with specially selected lightweight veneers make it possible for kids to get a high-quality beginner blade at a great price.

control: 7+
speed: 6+
elasticity : control-elastic
weight: 75
layers: 5
Characteristics: AR, AR -