Donic Waldner Sensor Carbon blade

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Donic Waldner Sensor Carbon blade

Product information "DONIC "Waldner Senso Carbon""

For offensive players and allround players that like to attack.
Perfectly balanced, quick, incredible control and a great feel.
Technology: 7 veneers made of abachi (core veneer), carbon (2+4), anegre (3+5) and limba (outer veneer)

Based on the famous DONIC ALLPLAY, one of the best-selling blades in the world. Two carbon layers that surround the core veneer combine with the SENSO handle technology to provide a unique playing feel along with excellent speed and control.

control: 8+
speed: 8+
elasticity : speed elastic
weight: 85
layers: 5+2
Characteristics: AR +, OFF, OFF -