Donic BlueStorm Z1 Turbo rubber

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Donic BlueStorm Z1 Turbo rubber

The hardest and fastest rubber in the Bluestorm series. The Bluestorm series of rubbers have a thin topsheet allowing an increase in max sponge thickness. With a 50° sponge and a thin topsheet, you can expect this rubber to be on the upper end of the spectrum when it comes to power. This is for those who like the performance of Z1 but want some extra power added on top. Blue sponge

Bluestorm Z1 Turbo: The powerhouse
medium-pored sponge, short, wide nub structure. With 50 ° sponge the turbo is a bit harder than the normal Z1.

With the new Bluestorm Z1 Turbo Donic puts another, even more dynamic version on top. The sponge of the Z1 Turbo is slightly harder with a constant average pore size. An almost perfect combination of the gossamer, high-tensioned bubble rubber and the proven dynamic blue sponge. For uncompromising attackers the perfect weapon.

Approval Code 21-052
Surface: Spin-Elast.
Control: 6
characteristics: OFF, OFF +
spin: 10 +++
DONIC technology: FD3 technology
Hardness: medium ++
Tempo: 11