DHS D40+ 3star plastic table tennis balls 10 pack White or Orange

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DHS Cell Free D40+ 3 Star 10 Balls White or Orange colour

DHS D40+ 3star plastic table tennis balls 10 pack

These are the brand new ball from DHS with Ding Ning on the box packaging, they have been confirmed as the Olympics until Tokyo 2020! 
What is the difference between DHS 40+ and the new D40+ balls? DHS 40+ Balls are made of acetate material, which is imported from USA. For this model, DHS focus on making it similar to the old celluloid balls in spin, hitting sound, hitting feel and drop points. But easy to break. The new DHS D40+ balls are made of some kind of ABS. DHS have improved roundness, durability, bounce on this model. It can be the main balls for official games in the future. 
  • Balls are with a seam.
  • Packaging: 10 Balls/box
  • Grade: 3-Star
  • Colour: White or Orange
  • Size: 40+

DHS D40+ balls 10 in pack, white only improved
New Plastic Material , Cell-Free dual, D40+ 3 star

ITTF-157-B-02/16 Colour White

ITTF-203-B-03/18 Colour Orange

CELL-FREE and CELL-FREE-DUAL are 40+ plastic balls developed by DHS.
. This ball is ITTF approved and is used in most international ITTF competitions.

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